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One pass. Many uses. 


Whether you're a couple treating your kids to a summer of affordable fun, or a single dad rewarding your son for a job-well-done this semester -- a Splash Kingdom Season Pass gives you and your kids lasting memories, while giving your wallet a break. 


Dinner and movie for a date? How about an entire summer of fun for the same price as a couple of movie tickets and some popcorn? There's nothing like cruising down The Wrath of Ra in a two-seater raft with the person you love most. 


There is something for everyone at Splash Kingdom! Mom, Dad, kids, even Grandma will have a blast making memories at the park! Plus, with our family 4-pack offers, families can enjoy extra savings on passes! 


Bring your entire squad and experience The Tower of Kings -- the tallest freestanding waterslide tower in the country. Craving even more thrill? Test your bravery on The Anileator -- the country's tallest fully-enclosed bodyslide. 

College Students

We've all experienced life as a college student -- nightly meals consisting of Top Ramen and never enough money to do anything fun. One low price for unlimited fun all summer long? Yep -- you're not dreaming. 


Imagine a birthday gift that can be used more than just once. It's here, and it's a Splash Kingdom Season Pass. You don't even need to wrap it. ;)